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While most of the services offered by the Art of Repair to the industry are free to the community, that doesn't mean Justin lives on thin air and good intentions! =) If anything on this page seems appealing to you, please contact me and let me know how I can help!.
Justin Ashford
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Wholesale Art of Repair Tools & Repair Products

While the current primary focus of AOR is creating and finding the best tools for the industry. AOR also provides factory level sourcing options for top

wholesale mobile electronics repair webshops around the world for a variety of other mobile electronics repair industry items such as Batteries, Displays,

Motherboard Components, as well as any sort of electronics accessories like trending doodads, chargings blocks, cables; really anything else you

can think of. With the Art of Repairs combined experience across all its partners, you can count on the fact that you will have a competent partner whos

able to navigate the great repair continuum for you. No matter the scale of your needs the Art of Repair can take care of you and has the capacity to fit

the needs of any size wholesaler.

Here are some sample Art of Repair Items you may have seen that may interest you! Ask me about them!
Easy Trace Jumpers EzCrayon
An amazing new interposer tool created specifically for the

repair industry but other technicians to create a more robust

Audio IC repair!

Special high wax content crayons that give you that

ultimate perfect edge finish when doing back glass repair.

Comes with tons of colors to match current colors on phones!

Hire the Art of Repair for Industry Consult

With vast experience in every aspect of the repair industry AOR has something for everyone, if your a shop owner looking for direction or a vendor

looking for experience outside of the office you can count on my experience and intuition in the industry to help guide you. I have a no BS attitude

with the technical aptitude and ability to match. Lets do something together!

To schedule time for consult for set up monthly service, please contact Justin at the information above.