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There are many different types of double sided tape in the repair industry, from more than just TESA, 3M also has some good stuff according to other techs.

If you know other good tape models that have verify-able origins and have data sheets, contact me and let me know!

If you're tape maker and you come across this page, come find me and give me tape to test!

Have a look at the following overview of each model of tape mentioned to get a quick overview in your head of its usage before proceeding further.

Industry Standard Tapes

tesa® 4965 features:

  • Reliable bond even on hard to stick surfaces
  • Immediate usability right after assembly
  • Suitability for critical demands such as heavy stress and high temperatures

tesa® 61395 features:

  • Black color for easy detection or design purposes

Main applications

  • Lens mounting in mobile phones
  • Touch panel mounting

tesa® 51970 features:

  • Excellent combination of high tack and adhesion
  • Secure bond even on critical materials such as PP and PE and rough surfaces
  • Good temperature resistance and outdoor suitability

Main applications

  • Mounting of plastic and wooden trims
  • Mounting of decorative materials and displays
  • Mounting of transparent signs and scales

tesa® 51965 features:

  • An excellent balance of high shear resistance, adhesion performance and initial tack
  • Secure bond even to critical surfaces such as low surface energy materials (e.g. PP and PE) and powder painted substrates
  • Outstanding holding power Black color to optimize automatic pick and place processes

Main applications

  • Mounting of lenses and cushioning foams in cellular phones
  • Mounting of exterior car mirrors in the automotive industry

General Specifications

  • The following tables show technical data that is freely available on the manufacturer's website and is not some sort of special access stuff.

All Iv done is put it together for the repair industry to look at in an easier to digest way

GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Tape SKU Tape SKU Tape SKU Tape SKU Things to think about when deciding which tape to use.
61395 51970 51965 4965 Notes
Elongation at break 50% 150% 50% 50%
Type of adhesive tackified acrylic tackified acrylic tackified acrylic tackified acrylic
Tensile strength 20 N/cm 50 N/cm 20 N/cm 20 N/cm
Total thickness 200 µm 220 µm 205 µm 205 µm Sometimes the thickness of your adhesive can effect your repair! Pay attention!
Backing material PET Film PP Film PET film PET film
Color Black Transparent Black Transparent Will it matter if the color shows through? Will Black cause show through issues?
Thickness of liner 71 µm 71 µm
Type of liner glassine glassine
Colour of liner white with  tesa logo Brown

Adhesion Properties

  • When you are deciding on which tape to use, its always best to focus on the harder to adhere to material.
  • Pay attention to the thermal limits of the adhesive at the bottom of the list. A hot car can get awful close to 51970s breakdown point....
ADHESION PROPERTIES 61395 51970 51965 4965
Adhesion to Aluminium (initial) 10.2 N/cm 10.2 N/cm 9.2 N/cm
Adhesion to Aluminium (after 14 days) 12.8 N/cm 12.6 N/cm 10.6 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (initial) 14.3 N/cm 13 N/cm 11.5 N/cm 11.5 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel (after 14 days) 17 N/cm 13.5 N/cm 14 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (initial) 14.3 N/cm
Adhesion to Glass (after 14 days) 16.6 N/cm
Adhesion to PolyCarbonate (initial) 11.6 N/cm 12.3 N/cm 12.2 N/cm 12.6 N/cm
Adhesion to PolyCarbonate (after 14 days) 19.5 N/cm 15 N/cm 13.4 N/cm 14 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (initial) 5.4 N/cm 5.6 N/cm 5.8 N/cm
Adhesion to PE (after 14 days) 6.8 N/cm 6.6 N/cm 6.9 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (initial) 10 N/cm 11.3 N/cm 10.8 N/cm 10.3 N/cm
Adhesion to ABS (after 14 days) 13.3 N/cm 14.4 N/cm 11.9 N/cm 12 N/cm
Adhesion to PS (initial) 11.8 N/cm 10.4 N/cm 10.6 N/cm
Adhesion to PS (after 14 days) 13.4 N/cm 12.1 N/cm 12 N/cm
Adhesion to PP (initial) 6.8 N/cm 6 N/cm 6.8 N/cm
Adhesion to PP (after 14 days) 8.8 N/cm 8.8 N/cm 7.9 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (initial) 9.9 N/cm 9.8 N/cm 9.2 N/cm
Adhesion to PET (after 14 days) 12.5 N/cm 11.9 N/cm 9.5 N/cm
Adhesion to PVC (initial) 10.5 N/cm 9.6 N/cm 8.7 N/cm
Adhesion to PVC (after 14 days) 17 N/cm 12.8 N/cm
Adhesion to PMMA (initial) 14.2 N/cm
Adhesion to PMMA (after 14 days) 19.2 N/cm
Temperature resistance long term 100 °C 80 °C 100 °C 100 °C Long term adhesion is key in areas that experience longer or hotter climates.
Temperature resistance short term 200 °C 130 °C 200 °C 200 °C Long term adhesion is key in areas that experience longer or hotter climates.