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Introduction to the Class

In Microsoldering 102, we will begin to put 101's theory to your tools to give you a solid start in your soldering quest.

You will use all the foundational theory learned in 101 and apply it in specific situations that will demonstrate things said,

but are now seen. This is the most important meta connection in your journey. Truly, seeing is believing.

Also as a reminder, this document is subject to be updated at any time! don't forget to check back often to learn new things =)

Help yourself, by helping yourself.

All classes begin with learning how to help yourself. This type of training can be applied to any other skill in your life you want to learn.

Its important that you are able to search online properly, so please familiarize yourself with this free online google search course that will

show you how to leave no stone unturned in your quest for knowledge. https://coursebuilder.withgoogle.com/sample/course

Lets Begin

This course assumes you have familiarized yourself with all of the information covered in Microsoldering 101

Tool Reminder

If you are still looking for the proper tools, please reference the level 3 tool reference page

The following is a forever work in progress and will change as time goes by, videos and lessons will change to better suit for the times or for overall course unity.

Lesson Name Lesson Video Self Test

Perfect Flux Cleanup

As you begin using your tools, lets make sure we work clean and learn how

to cleanup behind ourselfve, learning to build cleanliness into your tools and

board work now will save you headache later! I Promise!

Hot Air Wicking -

Awareness of Toolside & Workpiece Variables

A review and demo on the effects of being a dummie and not listening to me

during the theory portion of this course. Its important to see how you not

paying attention to specific things can cause you to create a data recovery

situation out of a small issue.



Low Temp EMI Shields

A continuation of the gravity method, shown in a demo with a low temp EMI

shield. I think its important to note, that more newer shielding is higher

temperature and requires more finesse and technique to remove, so

this will be a separate lesson.

High Temp EMI Shields

With the continuation of the high temp EMI trend, we need to combat these types

of shields with more honed removal techniques.


Working under EMI Shields


Coatings & Epoxies

Top Level Soft Coating Removal


Hard Epoxy Removal



Basic Jumpers and UV


Solder Cleanup - Bridges

Hot Air Wicking -

Learn the best way to clean up excess board solder that wont damage microcomponents!

Component Harvesting & Planting

Learning what is is to REALLOY -


Small 1-3 Jointed Components

FPC Connectors

Through-Hole Flex Cables


Sim & SD Card Trays


Chip Triangulation

BGA Removal -

Reballing 101 -

The basics of reballing your harvested IC chips to save money!

Reballing 102 -

A continued learning experience, covering coming issues and alternative technique.


Reapplication of BGA -


Each item on this list presents its own challenges, but all of them follow and require the previous theory to master.

If you are having issues just go back and re review the materials and if you have questions you can contact me and

ask a question.