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If your looking for the tools I recommend, your in the right place. Take a moment to check out what im doing so that you can get the tools you seek.

Instead of selling to users directly, I have decided to just skip nonsense and sell straight to the suppliers, offering them the Art of Repairs unique expertise in tools for our industry.

This means that ill be offering my selection of tools to parts and tool suppliers around the world, which will allow all walks of repair from shop tech to hobbyist the ability to acquire my recommendations from local suppliers that will be able to handle all the small details and ensure everyones happy.

Currently I have one supplier in Europe, with multiple vendors incoming, for the USA, Canada , more in the UK as well as AUS. Total Coverage is on its way! It just needs to be done correctly!

So with all that, This one supplier will be the worldwide supplier until at least mid January 2021 when we get the first new vendors in the USA onboarded.


Vendor Name Link Country Ships Worldwide? Avalable Now? Registration Process
MobileParts.Shop Europe Yes Yes When registering please choose the following for approval.

MobileParts is a professional webshop that normally only allows

those with a business license apply.

But, if you follow the steps below you will be approved to buy tools!

Step 1 Main activity: Repairman without CoC registration
How did you find us: AOR
Step 2 : How did you find us: AOR
To Be Announced UK Jan 2021
To Be Announced USA Jan 2021
To Be Announced Australia 2021